Vatra Dornei

First edition – 2016

First Edition – 2016


“The first edition of Hit The Egg – Ouşoru Challenge exceeded our expectations, succeeding in defining itself as a link between nature and society. That’s because it brought together energies of over 1,000 participants. In figures this translates in about 200 contestants, 50 volunteers and 800 spectators (locals and tourists) that hand in hand managed to revitalize this charming mountain town of only 13,000 inhabitants, called Vatra Dornei.” The organizers

“Whether we are talking about skiing, walking, hiking, snowboarding, looking for mushrooms or just sleeping under the open sky, Oușoru has always been present in our lives. Basically Ouşoru is the first mountain “climbed” in our childhood and its “brutal” appearance of makes all local residents to ask themselves: How on earth could one run it?” Tudor Macovei ’Punkeru’