Vatra Dornei

Hit The Egg – Ousoru Challenge

Fifth edition
15’th of August 2020 – Vatra Dornei

“Hit The Egg – Oușoru Challenge” is a mountain trail running competition held in Suhard mountains, Romania, with the aim of facilitating the development of active tourism in Dornelor area by promoting outdoor movement and a healty lifestyle. We wanted this competition to become a tradition and to contribute to the strengthening of the ecotourism and active tourism destination “Țara Dornelor” . We’re glad we did it. We’re happy to continue.  So come and “Hit the Egg” for the fifth time in the marathon (Carpathian Circuit), half-marathon and cross challenges!

Challenges and Age categories:


(8,5 Km, + 420 m elevation): 16+ years old, no age categories (Male and Female). Registration Fee: 50 RON. For persons over 60 years registration is free!



(24 Km, + 1200 m elevation): 16 – 29 years, 30 – 39 years, 40+ years (Male and Female). Registration Fee: 70 RON (until 31 May), 85 RON (from 01 June to 31 July) and 100 RON (at the location). For persons over 60 years registration is free!



(45 Km, + 2200 m elevation, Carpathain Circuit): 18 – 29 years, 30 – 39 years, 40 – 49 years, 50 – 59 years, 60+ years (Male and Female). Registration Fee: 100 RON (until 31 May), 120 RON (from 01 June to 31 July) and 150 RON (at the location). For persons over 60 years registration is free, with proof of finishing at least one marathon!



*For cross and half-marathon we will only allow participants that are minimum 16 years old. They have to present to the organizers before the start of the competition the written agreement of at least one of the parents for participating at “Hit The Egg – Oușoru Challenge”.


The competitors in “Hit The Egg – Oușoru Challenge” must be medically fit,  not to suffer from any chronic illness, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, etc. All participants must have minimal experience in rough terrain orientation, must know how to use the map, shall have respect for nature, for the competition and the other participants.

The organizers are not responsible for any kind of accident or damage occurring as a result of participating in “Hit the Egg – Oușoru Challenge” event and reserve the right to modify or adjust the racetrack according to weather conditions, terrain features or even to stop the race in exceptional cases. Any changes to the route will be flagged appropriately (as well as the entire route). Due to the exposure of the racetrack on the Oușoru peak, in extreme weather conditions, the organizers reserve the right to change the route during the competition without prior notice, avoiding the peak. In case of imminent risks (any events that may affect the smooth running of the event such as major floods, natural disasters or other major events) that cause the organizers to cancel the competition, the participation fee will not be returned. By participating in this competition, competitors automatically accept its regulation.

We kindly ask the participants upon receipt of the participation kit, depending on the capabilities and desire of each, to make a noble gesture by bringing food for puppies, antiparasitic pills or bowls for dog food. All that will be collected will be donated to the local dog shelter in Vatra-Dornei. Of course, our request is not mandatory, but rather a help, a favor for our barking friends. Anything and however is welcome! Thank you!

Required gear:

  • trail running shoes
  • functional mobile phone with charged battery
  • running number exposed in the front*
  • route map*
  • 500 ml water flask (marathon)
  • rain jacket (marathon)

*will be provided by the organizers, in the participation kit.

We recommend:

  • running cap
  • buff
  • waterproof pants and jacket (in case of bad weather)
  • waist bag / backpack / vest, typical for trail running
  • whistle
  • water flask/bottle
  • trail poles
  • sunscreen lotion
  • UV – protection sunglasses
  • energizing gels / jellies


Competitors will be disqualified if:

  • lose the running number
  • misses any of the checkpoints
  • shows disrespectful behavior towards other participants, volunteers, organizers
  • do not present the mandatory kit at the start (see above, in the Required gear section)
  • throws packaging, cups, plastic bottles along the way
  • (half-marathon) do not reach the Checkpoint no. 3 – Oușoru Peak (1.639 m) in less than 4 hours
  • (marathon) do not reach the Checkpoint no. 5 in less than 5 hours
  • do not finnish the race in less than 10 hours
  • deviate from the route, using shortcuts or other means defying the competition


If a competitor decides to abandon the race, it is mandatory to announce his intention to the Organizers, by phone (the phone number is displayed on the running number), or to the nearest Checkpoint and follow the instructions received. He/she can only continue the race on his/her own responsibility – organizers do not guarantee that the route will still be flagged appropriately and neither the availability of volunteers, food, water. The competitor is considered outside the race.


Friday (14 August 2020)

* 17.30 – 20.30: kit pick-up / registration (Culture House – across the street from the train station Gara Bai / next to the Town Hall)

Saturday (15 August 2020)

* 07.00 – 08.30: kit pick-up / registration (Start/Finish area – Platoul Runc)

* 08.30 – 09.00: technical meeting for marathon and half-marathon

* 09.00: start marathon and half-marathon

* 09.00 – 09.30: technical meeting cross

* 09.30: start cross

* 11.00 – 13.00: kids race, worshops and games

* 17.00: awards

We invite you to discover Ţara Dornelor, with its exceptional mountain landscapes, a renowned hiking destination enriched with cultural events that appeal to a diverse audience.

Trail running competitions are meant to contribute to the sustainable development of the territory by drawing attention to the concepts of active tourism, ecotourism and to the economic and social implications that nature-based leisure have for the development of mountain communities. Under the pressure of rapid urbanization, the finest landscapes are threatened, and together with them, all of us. This uncontrolled urbanization affects sustainability, the harmonious development of municipalities and surroundings. Landscapes, flora and fauna suffer damage that ultimately reflects on human relationships and social bonds needed to balance a territory.

The rich natural heritage of Ţara Dornelor must be protected. After shaping the landscape, man is about to sacrifice himself and then it is not only the quality of life threatened, but also the natural sites, the living architecture of the villages and the peasant households, all as an indispensable part of the local culture. The engagement of as many participants as possible in sport competitions, regardless of age, race, gender, leads to a human reorganization, capable of restoring a logical hierarchy of the relationship between man and nature, generating balance and harmony.

“Hit The Egg – Ouşoru Challenge” is a joint moment of happiness. The competition contributes to raising awareness on the importance of protecting and enhancing the wealth and common good for residents, visitors and the future of this land, endowed with the most prominent nature indicators for life: water springs, forests and fresh air.

Beyond the beautiful location, Țara Dornelor has much to offer. A perfect blend of nature, culture and sports. Vatra Dornei is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the Eastern Carpathians, being both calm and sophisticated, appreciated for the purity of water and air.

Located in the middle of the Dornelor basin, at 800m altitude, Vatra Dornei has to offer more than a relaxing environment in a favorable climate regardless of season. Although small, the town is very attractive, combining modern architecture with traditional elements. The sense of multiculturalism is still present through the Habsburg legacy and the buildings that attest the life of the Jewish community in the past. Its cultural mix define an authentic experience.

Vatra Dornei is a focal point for the hiking trails in the surrounding mountains. Whether you want to hike, to practice horseback riding, river-rafting, or simply want to discover Ţara Dornelor on a bicycle, you have a rich offer to choose from. Just check the travel portals and ask the tourist information services for recommendations.

And then … why not get to discover Ţara Dornelor?

The Area

Țara Dornelor is located in the valleys where the waters of Bistrița and Dorna flow, and is surrounded by some of the most interesting Carpathian peaks: the massive ridges of the Suhard and Giumalău Mountains on the north, the crest of the Bistrița Mountains towards the east, and from the south rise the ridges of the Călimani Mountains.

Mineral waters are an important resource for Tara Dornelor and also one of the area’s specific brands, being used both for curative purposes, within the SPA treatment centers of Vatra Dornei and for economic purposes, by bottling at Poiana Negri, Dorna Candrenilor and Panaci.

The relief of the area is arranged in steps with altitudes ranging from 800-900 m (in the hearth of the depression) up to 1800-2100 m, facilitating the development of mountain tourism to the most attractive points usually located on the neighboring mountain ridges. The relatively quiet valleys, covered by forests, pastures and meadows, the agropastoral scenery provide a special scenic landscape and a unique landscape harmony, which is the basic resource for the tourist development of the area.
The landscape of the area is dominated by the presence of spruce forests, subalpine and alpine floor vegetation associations, including unique and rare species and ecosystems with special landscape and scientific value. A characteristic feature of the Dorna Depression is the presence of oligotrophic marshes (tinoave) that preserve floral elements specific to the interglacial periods, similar to the tundra area.



At the Start/Finish area a camping site will be set-up.

For additional infos about the area, accomodation and activities please check or


Adress: Runc street – Vatra Dornei, 725700 – Suceava county, Romania

  • 110 km from Suceava
  • 45 km from Câmpulung Moldovenesc
  • 250 km from Iași
  • 200 km from Cluj
  • 500 km from Bucharest
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